Dimension scale when importing dwg

Hi all

Always when I import dwg drawings from Autocad. The dimensions in the drawing gets scaled way too big. I have tried changing the import units, but with no luck. Is there a way to import dimensions from a dwg correctly?


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Still looking for a fix or solution to this problem. Hope someone can help!

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I´m also facing this problem… anyone found a solution?

yeh its a pain, I import a lot of dwg lineworks. You have to select the annotation style and apply scaling

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Is there no way of configuring this beforehand?

Hi Miguel -
Could you provide a simple DWG file that shows this behavior?

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Lay-1-Layoutname.dwg (20.2 KB)

Sorry for the lateness… here again the same problem. Now the text “height” in the dimension is 300 something out of nowhere… I thought it was because Vectorworks specifies the height in points and not in mm, but I tried again, changing the specification and the text remains gigantic…

Thanks, Miguel -
On the list as RH-70555 File IO: Dimension text height from DWG

It may be related to the DPI versus scene units. A dimension saved to render as 300 DPI may end up imported with a height of 300 mm. Just a suggestion.

Has this been resolved? I just imported a .dwg from AutoCAD and have the same problem.

Mail, If you uncheck Enable Model Space Scaling in Annotation Styles do you get the results you expect?


This resolved the same issue for me. Thanks Japhy