Dimension not showing all numbers in text space


I am having an odd problem with dimensions.
I started working on a file, went into layout, took some details views, put dimensions on.
They were from the left: 2930, 2600, 2230, 1740.
Today I opened the file and as you can see in the attachment some numbers are missing. The dimension is still to scale and correct it just not showing all the number in the text.
Any idea?

I thought it might be a display problem but they are still missing in the print out.

I ‘saved as’ every time I did a major change so I have previous version of that file. Everything was fine yesterday. Now even if I open versions from two days ago they show the same problem.


Apologies to all.
It’s the font.
For everybody with the same problem, font Papyrus reacts weirdly with softwares regarding the regular/condensed option.
But, with less urgency, why do you think it was working yesterday and not today?


We have had the same issue with multiple fonts in our office. The problem seems to be intermittent. It seems to show up in both dimensions and text blocks. I initially thought the problem was related to a graphic card that was on its way out, but we’ve had it pop up on multiple computers here. Hoping that someone finds a fix for this!