Dimension not showing all numbers in text space

I am having an odd problem with dimensions.
I started working on a file, went into layout, took some details views, put dimensions on.
They were from the left: 2930, 2600, 2230, 1740.
Today I opened the file and as you can see in the attachment some numbers are missing. The dimension is still to scale and correct it just not showing all the number in the text.
Any idea?

I thought it might be a display problem but they are still missing in the print out.

I ‘saved as’ every time I did a major change so I have previous version of that file. Everything was fine yesterday. Now even if I open versions from two days ago they show the same problem.

Apologies to all.
It’s the font.
For everybody with the same problem, font Papyrus reacts weirdly with softwares regarding the regular/condensed option.
But, with less urgency, why do you think it was working yesterday and not today?

We have had the same issue with multiple fonts in our office. The problem seems to be intermittent. It seems to show up in both dimensions and text blocks. I initially thought the problem was related to a graphic card that was on its way out, but we’ve had it pop up on multiple computers here. Hoping that someone finds a fix for this!

Hello All,
Just wanted to give you an update on the topic.
The fault seems to affect all kind of font items, not only dimensions.
It seems to happen with any font.
I first encounter the problem using Papyrus, fixed by changing font to Tekton Pro, but after a while it reappeared with Tekton Pro as well. Same operation, changed this time to Helvetica thinking that a very standard font wouldn’t cause the same issue. But it happened again.
Now… instead of going through all my pages in layouts, changing all the text items, I tried to just save the file, close it, make a copy and reopen the copy. The font is fine.

It seems to be an easy fix, has worked for now, but really puzzles me on what could be related to.
Do you think it might be a case of ‘refreshing’ / ‘regenerate’ the pages? Is there such a thing in Rhino as a REGEN command?

Thank you.

Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18311.20531, 7/11/2018)

I just realised that this posting is on a Mac forum. I use Windows 10 Pro.

I think that I am encountering the same problem, but it is more widespread. I am using the default Annotation style. I have many dimensions and text blocks, all of which were displayed perfectly until I tried to implement annotation model scaling layout scaling. Having done that, the dimension lines remain visible, but the dimension numbers disappear. The text also disappears. Both are still there, and become momentarily visible after changing the text height to its current value - i.e. over typing its value with the same value. However, when the item, whether a dimension or a text block, is deselected, the number or the text disappears. In the case of a dimension, the arrow remains visible.

Further, I have a closed curve which has become invisible. I can select it by swiping through it, knowing where it should be, and it becomes visible. When it is deselected, it too disappears.

The first image is after using Zoom Extents. It knows that there is a text object at the top, and includes it in the view, even though it is not visible.

The second image shows that the invisible text object can be selected.

The video shows the text appearing after over typing its height to its existing value. It disappears again when tabbing out of the text height field. It also shows the problem with the closed curve and a dimensiion number.


Would you mind sharing the file?

I have created a minimal version of the file. In that version, everything is OK. I think it is a hardware problem. I installed Rhino 6 about a week ago, and discovered that my laptop is not up to the task for Raytraced, so I have been ‘shopping’ for a replacement. It is a Core i7-2720QM with 16 GB RAM and the 3 GB Nvidia GeForce 555M GPU. The full 3dm file is 109 MB, whereas this minimal version is only 33 MB. I suspect that the problem lies with the GPU’s ability to render the images. Does that sound plausible?

I deleted the materials list and the minimal version is now trivial in size. It is attached.

HouseRemodelFPartial2.3dm (158.4 KB)

I have experimented further with this partial 3dm. It still has the problem, which as I said might be due to my old laptop. I have attached a new video which shows the dimension numbers disappearing after changing the scale and switching views. I closed the 3dm without saving it, then reopened it a few more times, but the problem did not occur on those occasions. I cannot tell whether the issue arises from changing the scale or from switching views, or whether it is simply due to my hardware.

Later… I have opened the file again. An informed guess based on the observations in the second video below is that it is a Rhino problem rather than a hardware problem.

Please note that I am in the process of understanding text scaling, so the dimensions are not yet correct on the layout pages. I have to watch the tutorial again when I get past this issue.

Later again… I have improved the scaling of dimensions, so I have replaced the 3dm attachment. The visibility problems still exist.

Regards, Garry.

Hi Garry,
Does the problem show right away when you open that file in a new instance of Rhino? Or is it only after you have been working for a while?

Hi Wim. I am seeing a similar situation as described by Irene, in that after the numbers disappear, saving the file, closing Rhino and reopening reinstates the numbers. They are typically then visible for a while, and disappear after some actions such as changing the height and scaling factors in the document properties dialog, switching views, etc.

I hope that I am not being prematurely optimistic, but today I have been working in the full version of the 3dm file, and the problem has not recurred. I have also opened the partial file and not been able to see the problem. I have not rebooted the laptop since the previous visibility problems were experienced. There has also been no difference in the set of other applications which are open.

I will keep working on the file, and if I see the problem again, I will provide an update. In the meantime, thank you for your help and interest.

Were you able to see the problem in my file?

Hi Wim. I am back again. I have found more odd behaviour with text and dimensions on the Layout view. It seems that many text objects and complete dimensions, including the arrows, are not being painted for Technical, Artistic, Pen and Arctic presentations. I have not tried Raytraced, as it is too slow on my laptop. You will see in the attached video that as I cycle through the presentation modes. those 4 consistently lose some text and dimensions. There are no ‘bring to front’ issues at play, as none of the dimensions are behind other selected objects.

After recording the video, I saved the 3dm file then reopened it. The faulty behaviour was the same.

I then turned off some layers so that I could copy the relevant objects into the attached partial 3dm file. The behaviour is not replicated in the partial file. Then, to my surprise, the problem no longer existed in the full file. I reactivated some layers in the full file, and it is still OK. I cannot see a pattern of objects or my operation of Rhino which would explain the odd behaviour.

It is looking more likely that this is a Rhino issue than a CPU / GPU issue. Interested in your thoughts.

HouseRemodelFPartial2.3dm (260.8 KB)

Hi Garry, We were able to replicate this issue and believe that we have fixed it - RH-49524
You should be able to test it when the next release candidate is available next week.
Thank you for reporting!

Hi Wim. Excellent news. Thank you for your rapid attention.

Hi Wim. SR11 seems to have fixed this problem. Thank you to all involved.

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