Dimension Line weights

I’m wondering if there Is a way to adjust dimension and leader line weights In layout So that they are lighter than my Drawing line weights. I think It will make complex shop drawings easier to read.

Couldn’t find an easy solution via a forum search. So I bet there isn’t one! Maybe we will see an option in V6?

Hi Adam, this should be possible in V5, but it is not visible until you print the layout page. Some info & tips:

  1. Enable _PrintDisplay so you can see different line widths in general
  2. Create a dimension, then apply a thicker LineWidth from the properties dialog
  3. If you are in a Layout page, _PrintDisplay needs to be enabled for it too

@dale not shure but there is probably a small bug or oversight if you repeat below steps:

  • create a test drawing, assign different line widths and enable PrintDisplay

  • create a Layout from your test drawing, enable PrintDisplay for the Layout page

  • double click on the Layout page, the display looses the print width (bug?)

  • it comes back if you double click the Layout page again


Looks like a bug to me…


Thanks for the tip on _PrintDisplay

I Still don’t see anywhere to adjust the line width for dims and leaders. I know you can adjust print line widths in the print dialog, but it just changes everything. what am I missing here?

Hi Adam,

once you have _PrintDisplay enabled, select the dimension and open the _Properties dialog. From there you can adjust the print width for curves and dims:

@dale, thanks !


Hi there, is this possible to do as discussed above? so something

Hello - you can adjust the individual object print width in the Properties of the dimension object.


Hey Pascal, Sorry im a bit thick here! looking at the dimension tab under the properties in v6 where is the adjust print width tab? Thanks


Hi Alex - it is not specific to dimensions, it is just print width on the general page of Properties.


Hi Pascal, thank, so your saying its just under the properties on the side? if so, its something different I need help with, I wish for the a thinner line weight on the guide and a bit thicker on the head. and if there’s a way to do it naturally when you create dimensions?

Ah, OK, no, sorry - I do not know of a way to make different parts a different weight. I misread your image.


so its not something that can be done currently in rhino v6? if so is it possible to add it to a future version of rhino?

Thanks for your advice, spent a couple of hours looking fir an answer and thought i was going mad hahaha