Dimension line weight

Hey guys, anyone who knows where to add line weight for dimension lines?

  1. Want to export everything (after Make2D) to Illustrator and because of automatation purposes I simply want all lines a specific thickness of 1.0 in Illustrator. Now it’s 0.1pt by default.

  2. is there a way to suppress the arrows?

thanks a bunch. Have a wonderful day!



Dimensions can be assigned line weight like any other object, in Properties - this can also be scripted via ObjectPrintWidth() / ObjectPrintWidthSource(). You will need to use PrintDisplay>State=On to see the lineweight in the display.

As far as turning off the arrowheads, if you create a new style and then go edit it in DocProperties, you can set the “Dimension arrow length” to 0 - which will turn them off altogether.

HTH, --Mitch

Mitch, thanks for answering.

  1. arrow head scale to 0 would only reupdate the current amount.
    so for me it wouldn’t change my current 3.0. I’m affraid this won’t work.

  2. Can’t find where to assign line width. Think normal line width in any Display Mode wouldn’t affect the real exported dimensions. Can you please specify. thanks a lot Mitch!


You have to play with it a bit, but it does work. Try entering 0.0 in the box, then hit Enter

How are you exporting your geometry?

Have a look at this short video for answers to both (I hope)… Export DXF and re-import included

Mitch, will get into this tonite. Have to work my ass off on this project. Many thanks for your help on this. Will come back asap :slight_smile:

anyway to make dimension lines dashed?