Dimension - ISO tolerance style

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Is there any way to display ISO tolerance style when specifying tolerances on a technical drawing? Refering to the uploaded figure, I would like to achieve the style as option d).

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You can get tolerances, but not in parentheses, and it is always +/-. Options -> Document Properties -> Annotation -> Dimensions -> [Dim style] , the second to last option is Tolerances.


from the Help file:

I guess I have to live without the parentheses, though in my opinion is much neater with parentheses and should it be a user-defined property.

Note the tolerance code which must be specified. I can’t get it there as Rhino won’t allow me to do that:

Can you put “developer code” in the property window in order to get more control of the dimension display?

In my opinion a drawing is useless if the dimensions cannot be specified correctly and I expect a CAD program to be able to handle these fundamental functions seamlessly.



IMHO, the appearance of Rhino’s + over - depiction is amateurish. The - should be centered under the + and the actual values should align vertically. While you are spiffing this up, why not add the option of parentheses? And since ISO, according to Crishan, apparently had to come up with a deviant format from the old common practice they are nevertheless an international standards organization and should be accommodated in an internationally deployed product.