Vertical dimension not working if distance (x2-x1) > (y2-y1)

ref: RH-51445

“when I click Vertical Dimension button - point 1 - point 2. If the horizontal distance between points 1 & 2 is greater than the vertical distance, I get a horizontal dimension - NOT a vertical dimension.”

It looked liked the topic was closed but was it fixed ? I have got the same in the layout view.
I am using Version 6 SR16 (6.16.19190.7001, 09-Jul-19) Commercial

try usin the tab key to lock the placement.

Hi Diego,
That is not working. As soon as the second point is selected, the command jumps to horizontal dimensioning.
tx anyway.

Hello - indeed this is still broken as far as I can see - regular linear dimensions work better than the constrained vertical/horizontal ones.


Did not use regular linear dimensions before but it seems to work. I will use this till it is fixed. Tx for workaround.