Dimension Annotation Dot size option is not dimension in V5

Annotation Dot
Whilst V4 didnt ask for a size, somehow one was able to alter it but how eludes me just now !! V5 does, I enter 5 expecting 5mm tall and get something microscopic.

What is this number relating to ?

CommandHelp has nothing on the height from what I can see.

10 gets you a 0.5mm height of dot.


In V4 you could not resize dots IIRC. You are correct, the size value for dots seems to be pretty meaningless currently, probably something based on the point size of the text. As dots are screen space objects, I would think a value in pixels would be the most logical, as true mm or inch measurements will not have any meaning either - seeing as dots do not change size with different zoom levels…

Currently a value of 25 gives me 22 pixel for letters including ascenders and descenders and about 44 pixels total height, so it is possible that 1 point=1pixel for the letters (letters are always smaller than then their point value, it includes the space above and below) and about double for the total.


Something needs to be done to bring them in line with text in dimensions, this is V5 after all !

At least have Command Help say what that value is.

that value should be units of measurement used for dimensions etc.

I find them great but also annoying, hiding what I wish to show clients as I zoom out.

The whole useful idea of having something very visible becomes counter productive when zooming out.

To have an option to alter size with zoom is what we need.


Doesn’t make any sense for screen space objects.

That would be a different type of object then, the goal with dots was to have something that is always on screen and always visible facing the user no matter what the view. What you want is more like a normal text object.


I am after graphicall visible text same as dimension and leader but more visible.

In fact to have dimensions and leaders etc with a contrasting background would be very useful.

Working over variable colour plans or images choosing a colour that works is sometimes tricky.

Annotation Dots are useful sometimes for client visuals as normal text objects dont stay facing you as you rotate the objects being drawn.

Also they are dull, get something in a yellwo filled black edged elipse and its visible.

Just dont always want them staying same size as I zoom out, cant see the item they refer to !


Hi Steve- use the Mask feature in dimensions for this. it is set per dimension style, near the bottom of the styles’ settings in DocumentProperties > Annotation > Dimensions.


Cheers, Ill take a look.

Annotation Dot always orients to user view, very useful, if only it wouldnt scale as an option.

They in fact overlap each other if a sentence or lengthy text.