Text dot font size 5pt minimum is far too big in print options

I have annotation dots, even after making them microscopic 1mm when they were 6mm, the print options min size of 5pt still makes them massive.
several times bigger than 1mm when at the print size of A3,

The sizes in the drop down list are fixed, not editable, and 5pt is the smallest yet 5pt produces annotation dots obliterating text and drawing on the resulting jpg. If viewed on screen in ortho view at the size it would appear at A3, they at 1mm are but a pin prick yet printed jpg they are huge and obliterate other data.

There is a need here to have user input size. As such its impossible to produce the print with the dots obliterating items.
There is zero ability to control the annotation dots in print options unless user can choose smaller than 5pt.

…and just to add to the misery, I come to make the annotation dots 1mm on the tower Pc so as to post an image and they refuse to do so, staying at 10mm despite hitting enter, or exiting the properties box, as worked on laptop, yet V5 on laptop I enter 1mm and they become 1mm no fight…


Hi Steve,

You are printing to an image file, for image printing things like sizes are handled different I suppose.
I did some experimenting with changing settings and see the outcome.
What I found is that the size of the print determines the relative size of the dots:

Try to create a larger print area this will decrease the relative size of the dots:


One thing you could do here would be to Explode the text dots into text objects, and while they are all selected, change the font size to what you need, and create a mask behind the text if necessary. Once you have printed, Undo to get back to the dots (or do this in a copy of the file). --Mitch