Digital Drawingboard integrated with Rhino?

Is it possible to use a digital drawingboard for sketching and then import the sketches into Rhino 7? Is there anyone who has experience of doing this? Recommendations for properties of the drawingboard?


Hi Magnus,

Is the goal to get an image of your sketches into Rhino or some unique file format? JPEGs can be placed into Rhino using the Picture command. Hope that is what you mean!

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for your reply and for your suggestion!

I thought it would be fun to draw my sketches digitaly and the import them into Rhino. I am now using Rhino mostly by freehanding and then lots of itterations to get the thing that I am modeling just right. So a way of improving the creation process would be to use a sketch.
So yes my question partially is how to get the image into Rhino, thank you for the info regarding the Picture command!