What software is best for maintaining format when importing drawing layouts into Rhino 7?

Is it viable to import drawings prepared in Inventor or Solidworks (or any other software) into Rhino 7 with formatting/dimensioning maintained? If so, which is the best software for that to minimize adjusting dimensions, etc?

I have been using Rhino for 18 years (its my primary software), but only started using it for drafting after upgrading to R7. It works well and helps to keep everything in one platform.

Currently I’m swamped and seeking drafting help from freelancers. I can’t find anyone working in Rhino so input here will help me choose who I can hire. Of course a PDF output from their work is all that’s needed, but I would prefer to have a drawing file that I can easily manipulate for the future, which does not require time to reformat and adjust everything that was prepared.


Maybe post what you need on

Did not know that was an option, thanks