Diffused vs focused lights issue

I have a lamp that should generate a focused light cone, which I can see in the rendered view. When I precess the render however the light appears to be very diffused and I loose the sharp edges of the light cone that the lampshade generates. Any ideas why? My guess is that I have to change some settings in the rendering light setting but don’t know which. I can post some screenshots if that helps. Many thanks!

Screenshots, or even better yet, a simple scene replicating with what you see would be best.

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Thanks Nathan, I have attached a screenshot where you can see on the left the effect the lamp makes and on the right how it looks in the render.

Here below is the same scene I rendered a few days ago, with the desired effect.

You probably set the shadow intensity quite low. For light fixtures like this one I would not use that setting. Unfortunately from your screenshots it is not clear what type of light you are using. If you could just export the lamp and the light to a new file and attach that to a reply then we could investigate better.

Here is the file with the lamp and the light. Let me know if that works.

Lamp Issue.3dm (2.0 MB)

For good Raytraced lighting I would suggest to not change shadow intensity from 1.0 at all. Instead set the fall-off to inverse squared and increase the intensity to match.

If you really want to change shadow intensity keep it between 85% and 100%.