Difficulty merging Grasshopper script

I have produced three different grasshopper scripts from tutorials i have followed, one is a logic using kangaroo, one is color logic, and one is an additional component orienting logic, my aim is to apply all to a single desired mesh, but i haven’t been successful
any help greatly appreciated

new.gh (36.1 KB)

new.3dm (524.7 KB)

Can you give an overview of what are you trying to do?

Trying to merge multiple definitions probably only makes sense once you have each part working as you want it to. This will also help with asking more specific questions to get help here.

Just looking at the first Kangaroo part, I see there is a complex solid form which is being treated as tensile cables, but it is only attached to a few small boundaries on one side, so it shrinks to something stringy.

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Hi Daniel
thanks for the response, i am trying to assign the kangaroo logic you mentioned to the mesh that exists in the rhino file attached, the additional logics are secondary and not as important, the overview of what i want to do is create a geometry using a kangaroo logic with my mesh, then follow the necessary steps for fabrication.
thank you in advance