Difference in behavior of decals and transparency in plastic materials


I am encountering differences in the rendering behavior of a plastic material in Cycles as opposed to the Rendered viewport. I have a semi-transparent and semi-translucent material with a decal on it. The settings of the material can be found on the screenshot. When using the rendered viewport, you can see through the plastic and the decal can be seen on both sides. This is the desired effect. When using Cycles however, the color of the plastic changes, and light doesn’t seem to penetrate into the material. The decal can also only be seen on the front.

Is there a way to reach a similar effect in Cycles?

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Can you post those objects in one 3dm?

toilet.3dm (4.7 MB)

Set your transparency and clarity to 100% in the plastic material…

You can also adjust the color of it but Raytraced mode loses the decal if you do that so you have to toggle the mode to refresh it. I would also look at the intersection and distance of the panels behind these plastic ones, that is changing the look on the long one with the doors.

Additionally for Raytraced and Rhino Render you need to be aware that darker colors effectively block more light. So if you like a certain color use that, but then increase the lightness.

Thank you Brian and Nathan, this looks very good. I will use this to get the desired effect.

This has helped me out a lot.

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