Diagonal Tiling on double curved surface with equal size panel- Central Embassy ALA

Hi everyone, I am a beginner of grasshopper, and I am studying how to tiling equal sized panels in diagonal, staggered bond on double curved surface like ALA’s Central Embassy Bangkok
Forget the varied pattern of tiling first as this is only the bonus to my study

I attached a few images of this building and Rhino 5 file of a small part of facade I made for testing, I have tired a few methods as follows but fail

  1. Isotrim and box morph, fail: unable to rotate uv of this complex surface, equal sized tile does not work on box morphing
  2. Contour and brick array: By spliting the surface to contour lines, the ‘bricks’ cannot align the surface
  3. Diagrid and orient: extracting diagonal divison lines and orient the box, the box cannot align the surface

Appreciate if I can get some help on this
Thanks a lot

MALL COMPLEX.3dm (512.1 KB)

Hello Adrian,
From what I saw in Google, the staggered bond is only applied to the single curvature facade of the building.
The double curvature element that you have in the file, is covered in fish scales, in an orthogonal pattern (and it only plays with their height and orientation to create the curvature)

am I right?

Thanks for your response, the image you have is their concept image, but in construction stage ALA finally come up with tiling the double curved facade with equal sized panels, it is amazing in the sense that mass production of panels can be done, unlike contractor need to produce 10000 different size of panels

The facade I believe, is done in merging a number of double-curved network surfaces

Do you have any idea how to begin with?

Sorry, I’m a little busy at the moment so I cannot do it for you but I think you should start by unifying the surface of the form into a single loft (from what I see you constructed it from a series of sweeps. As a loft It will give you a clean UV grid to work on
ah, also a network surface would work fine, whichever suits this case better