Developing GH with a class library in Visual Studio Mac

Hi all,

I am setting up VS Mac developing environment with a separate class library. I added a new project within the solution as a dot net glass library. Then I added Nuget packages of Grasshopper and Rhinocommon. If I install version 6 of the two, I see the references are coming in from the package, and everything works fine. But if I update them to version 7 and above, I lose the references, and the packages installed with the Grasshopper and Rhinocommon Nuget packages are gone. Am I missing something here?

With Rhinocommon & Grasshopper Neget packages version 6 - works

With Rhinocommon & Grasshopper Nuget packages version 7 (the latest stable) - missing references from packages



I am answering my own question for those who might wonder the same thing. It has something to do with the .Net version that those packages are targeting. Rhinocommon/Grasshopper 6.0 to the .Net 4.7.2 while the version 7 to 4.8.

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