Error: 2 grasshopper.dll files

When trying to create a component with visual studio, I had problems with conflicting versions. Therefore I deleted the NuGet packages (RhinoCommon, Grasshopper) and added as assembly references the ones that the NuGet package was using. So now those dlls are both in the Programs/Rhino7 folder and in the Grasshopper/Libraries one. It still works, it’s just that when I open Grasshopper it throws the error message that there are two Grasshopper.dll files paths. Could I delete the references assemblies in the Grasshopper/Libraries while keep the .gha file working?

I dont know if this is still relevant for you. I had a similar problem, where I added a Grasshopper dll file and got that error. I erased it again, updated Rhino and the NuGet package (RhinoCommon, Grasshopper) and everything worked fine again.

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Thank you, this doesn’t work for me though, because even with the latest version of the NuGet package, it conflicts with the version of the Kangaroo.dll which I also need to have(taken from the Grasshopper files automatically downloaded with Rhino (which is up-to-date)). The only thing that works is when I manually add the .dlls.