Parametrize a curve from Rhino with Grasshopper

Hi everyone, I’m new in this software and I’m wondering if it’s possible to take an already existing curve or simple surface from rhino and then with a function automatically parameterize it or do I have to remodel it from scratch.
thanks for the help!


No need for this. But it depends on the project you’re handling.


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Thanks! In this case i have a 3d model of a car seat, but i want to manipulate or iterate it from some of the main curves. Do you have any tip to tranlate these main curves?

Upload your .3dm model here so that i can look at it

The usual way to upload a file here is to either drag the file to where you type your post, or to click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type your post. Either way the file is directly available to the forum participants, and third party software is not involved.

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You can’t convert a 3d model into an algorithm that generates that 3d model. At most, you can make an algorithm that modifies that model in a very particular way with simple transformations like scaling in one dimension or moving the control points.


Rhino is not “parametric” like some other software. If History is enabled then for some commands a change to input geometry will result in the output being automatically updated. Grasshopper is the primary method to create relationships between geometry.

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seat.3dm (4.3 MB)