Select Surface that Curve is on inside Grasshopper

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So I’ve got a curve in grasshopper and I want it to automatically select the surface from rhino that this curve sits on, without having to manually add it in from rhino.

The curve will always be on a surface, but Is it possible to select an object from rhino by it’s proximity to an object when that object hasn’t been added into grasshopper yet.

For some context these are stitching lines and I’m just trying to streamline the definition a bit as selecting both the curve and it’s surface each time is a quite slow.

Hope this makes sense.
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share the definition please

Hey, can’t share the definition completely because it’s a work project but I’ve added in a simple one, it’s just a curve on a surface, The curve is loaded in but the surface is just present in the rhino file(I’ve internalised it in this case to make it load in for everyone, just bake and delete to get to the starting point) The curve is made in rhino using the interpcrvonsrf command, the aim is to be able to see that the curve is in proximity to a surface in rhino, load that surface into grasshopper automatically for the rest of the algorithm to continue on like normal.
Select Surface From Rhino (6.2 KB)

well, if you already have the surfaces in Rhino, then you can use something like this
[edit: but the more surfaces you have on your Rhino file, the slower it might work (in terms of hundreds/thousands… if you have just a few then it might just be ok) ] (9.8 KB)

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Ah I’d forgotten about pipeline, I’ll give that a play on the larger model and see how it runs, this is kind of what I was thinking would need to do, import all possible surface on masse and filter by curve proximity

Works surprisingly quickly, I reduced the tolerance a bit and with 4000ish faces on the model screenshotted it’s able to select it relatively quickly. Appreciate the help!

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