Help In creation of a specific geometry

Hi all, Im new to grasshopper and stuck in creating a specific shape. Can someone please help me out in steps/ process Ive to follow?
Picture is attached.
Thanks in advance!!!3d

your question is not clear. Why use Grasshopper for a basic shape ? If you want to use the power of Grasshopper you’ll have to decide what are the parameters (parametric means parameters !!!).
Here I recreate something that seems to answer your vague question.
So I draw a rounded rectangle, move it in Z, then draw a circle, move a copy in Z, then loft the 3 curves.
It is very similar to the Rhino process. So in order to make Grasshopper you’ll have to deconstruct the way you model things and what parameter you want. Parameters + Model = Parametric modelling.
Hope it helps. (11.9 KB)
And try to follow some tutorials, some webinars … and read that