Wish: Layout panel with text scaling toggle per layout

Hi guys,
I like working with layouts in V6 but there are some issues with how things are set up vs how my brain works so I have a few wishes.

First of all I would like a layout settings panel so I can adjust things on the fly instead of going into the settings.

And I often need to have text scaling on on some layouts and off on others, so there should in my opinion be a per-layout override option:

Same goes for dimensions and line scaling

And the old wish for Detail Scale… having to operate that with two different units is just odd and difficult IMO.

To set a 1:250 scale should be easy, not something we need to calculate in our head as 1 mm *250 for scale and then divided by 1000 to get from millimeters to meters and end up with 0.25 meters.

So this should IMO be a dual input mode where one setting affects the other. Or at least do the calculation and print it underneath.


And add a pull down menu for the most used settings, like 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:10, etc etc.

This are all things that will lift both the experience, the efficiency and the ability to get it right the first time.

Thanks for listening!

(Oh and a last big wish is to have a “hidden” layer in the layer manager with stuff for each layout, that is not visible when in modelling mode or in other layouts. But I understand that this is a much more daunting task to take on)