Layout Scales,Possible bug


I appear to have an issue with the layout.
I wish to produce a drawing at 1-1/2" to the foot, so I type in 1.5 mm to 12mm in the layout window. It will then however produce a window at 1:12 , so I attempt 15mm to 120mm and it creates 1:120!

I have managed to get by, by setting it to 1mm to 8mm but this error would have been VERY costly if it wasn’t spotted. Please could it be looked into?

Cheers, Plueblue

Hi Plueblue -thanks, something looks wrong to me here, I’ll take a look.

@Paleblue, are you setting the scale via the command line from the edit button on Properties with an active detail, or from the Detail command > Scale ? Both of these cases have a bug currently where the result is incorrect if you use a number other than 1 as the first input.

But, if you select a detail and set the scale directly there it should work…?


The numbers are reduced to 1:8 (in this case) but it does get the right scale