Detail scale bug

Hi, in Version 6 SR6 there is a small bug in setting the detail scaling. If you click in to the detail to make it active then click on the Edit Scale button in Properties, the prompts are correct but nothing changes in the end, even though Locked is unchecked.

Setting the scale by selecting the detail border works correctly.


Hi Eric - thanks, yeah, we saw this as well and it has just been fixed.


Need to add a bug note to this thread.
There is a scaling issue with the detail scales if your paperspace units and drawing units are different. for instance if my model is in millimeters and my paper space is in inches then if I try to change the scale to 1" = 25.4mm the scale updates.
But if I switch to the layers tab and come back the scale now is different.

Seems like a unit system conversion issue as the detail doesn’t change scale during the above sequence.

Hello - thanks - that seems to work correctly here in the latest in-house build.


I think a recent fix for this went into 6.x, so when 6.6 is released, then the 6.7 SR candidate should have the fix.

This should even be fixed in the next 6.6 service release. It was a regression from 6.5 so we wanted to make sure it was fixed in 6.6

6.6 is supposed to be released this afternoon or evening.

Hi, I think I am also having this issue - is it still waiting to be fixed?

Hello - the fix should be in the current SR of Rhino (6.6) - (Help menu >Check for updates). Any luck?


Hi Pascal,

I’ve double checked and it says it’s up to date - my colleagues are having the same issue and also appear to be up to date.