Desperate! Please! License approval!

I DESPERATELY need my Rhino 7 educational license to be approved. My evaluation period expired today, after business hours. I am a student and have my studio final due Tuesday and still have so much work to do on my Rhino model. I have tried calling and emailing everyone on the Rhino site, including Bob. I don’t know what to do.

I apologize if this post is not allowed I am just trying anything to possibly get someone who can help me out’s attention.

Sorry, the office closed at 5 and there will be no one to check proof of EDU status until Monday.
Maybe your UNI bookstore sells Rhino and will be open tomorrow?

That’s really tough to hear John… there is no chance that my license will be approved before Monday? Can I send further documentation of my enrollment and student status?

My student store does not have Rhino at it sadly.

It’s the weekend.
We do not have people working on the weekends.

Check with the school bookstore.
I’m pretty sure they carry it.

Have you tried installing a commercial evaluation? When installing it choose “keep both” then at least you can open your model in the new evaluation and work on it further ? Don’t know if it will work…

No, it won’t. There is no difference between an educational evaluation and a commercial one - in fact neither of those exist, only plain Evaluation. And those are one to a customer, when they expire, that’s it, no second trial period is available.

It’s never a good idea to depend on instant 24/7 responses… so some planning ahead to avoid situations like these is always advisable.

Seems like in this situation a friend could help out by installing an evaluation on their e-mail and separate computer and alow him to work on his project over the weekend…

Or as a student, go use the school’s lab computers.

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Perfectly possible…