RHINO mac evaluation

Hey there,
Im a first year Interior architecture student that needs to download rhino. Do i Purchase the educational option. Also, with the MAC evaluation, when the 90 days pass, am i able to then purchase the ‘licence’ and continue with that account, or is it kind of like a burner that discontinues. Because im worried if i start assignments they will disappear after the 90 days.

Download the evaluation version and use it for awhile. Once you have decided to buy a license, all you need to do is change the evaluation license key over to the paid for permanent key. You do not need to uninstall/reinstall anything. Do not wait until the very last day of the evaluation period to to buy a license though, as they verify your student status, so it might take a few days to receive your order. Give it maybe a week.

The files you create with the evaluation version are permanent and no different than the commercial version files. Even if you do not decide to buy Rhino right away, the files remain and are untouched, you can still open and use them at any future date.

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