Kayak Design Enhancement (Beginner)

P-1.3dm (138.8 KB)

I am a complete beginner on Rhino and i intend to develop kayak designs on it. My design is based on a 4-panel format; 2 for the hull and 2 for the deck (stitch-and-glue techinique on mind), however I have some doubts and would appreciate any thoughts and ideas:

1 # How to make lines (and surfaces) more oganic and smooth

2 # I tried to unroll the surfaces of the 4 panels (I joined the corresponding surfaces of each panel) but I get an error in the bow. How to correct?

Thanks in advance for the collaboration of the community.

Hi Marcelo - I think I’d start with some surfacing basics - maybe the Level2 training material here: https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/Rhino5Level2Training/
More here: