Depth in elevation

Hi, I made a context model and was wondering how would you go about creating drawings from this, the model is relatively complex and I want to create sections that are readable and not cluttered with information.I made a sketch ( to convey what I want, strong lines for the terrain and buildings being sectioned and the buildings in elevations as gray planes, hinting depth.

I was wondering how would you do this, what workflow, use Make2d or not?Use some vector drawing program or not?Combining line drawing and rendered or arctic mode views?And how to convey depth in a way thats readable?

Hello - there may not be enough depth resolution but you may want to have a look at ShowZBuffer in your elevation view as one of the elements in your composite image.


Thanks for the reply,I had looked into Zbuffer but not tried it yet,is it something that can only be done in the model view or also in the layout?I wanted to get drawings with a proper scale,my plan is to eventually print them and use for sketching