SectionTools: Elevations in place and showing

Hi there @rajaa.
First of all thanks for this indeed pretty great plugin.

I’d have a question/improvement, maybe it’s not possible at all. I guess you might have tried this one though.
I fear making an elevation is only possible "static"ally because it’s based on “Make2D”, right?

Is it really really not possible to make this dynamic as well?
I once thought about doing something like that using reference points in bounding boxes? But maybe I’am barking up the wrong tree here?

The reason why this is so important to me is that I really like using Rhino to create drawings/layouts.
Usually I do use the content of the model for layouts and since the technical view is “broken” and not displaying hidden lines correctly I am simply using ghosted or any other style that shows hidden lines. This is not 100% satisifying and I really really hate people saying that Rhino is not capeable of that, because honestly it is producing super super nice and neat drawings. Also I am able to put annotations/leaders to the blocks I use and I have an easy life working. That is the reason why I do not really like “Make2D”, because it means a lot of additional work to me.

This would acutally be the deisred output.
If I can be of help developing a function like that, I’d be happy to, but I don’t know if I’d be capable of doing so.


Correct, but also the current implementation lends itself to partial dynamic updates. If you run the stMake2D a second time on a section, it deleted old result and update to the new one.
I suppose the only addition that makes it more robust is to add an insertion-point so that the update can observe it like we do with stLayout. Would that be sufficient?

I was for sure not aware of that. :slight_smile:
So this makes it a lot easier of course.

And yes, it would be perfect if they got observed and would be placed related to the view.

Please try it, and I’ll be happy to look into any specific workflow improvements.

I just did.
So when I repeat “Make 2D Projection” it is updated.
Only putting it into the plane the elevation is done at would be nice and if they could automatically update like the “normal” sections.

Ok, I’ll add option to select an insertion point for Make2D result similar to what stLayout has.

Placing the result on the Section plane will need a little more careful investigation because we already have the ability to orient the view to Section Plane in 3D and also already have sections geometry data added in 3D.

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Added the request here…