Delete Materials in Rhino 6?

I just accidently created +100 materials usually I’d just live with it but in this case it takes a long time to scroll down to materials I need. is there some way to delete custom materials?


I guess you’re looking for _Purge command, don’t forget to set _Material=_Yes

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Huh interesting, fast fix. So there is really no button to delete a single material.

You can select a material and press Delete on your keyboard.

Also note you can access the material list in the Materials panel (as opposed to via Object Properties), where you can shift-select to select multiple, and use delete in the context menu. You can also choose to filter the list by all, or just used/unused materials.


OH! yeah that’s a huge help. the delete button would just delete the item but the Materials panel has a delete button when you right click. That _purge command was defiantly faster in this case but still a good method.


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To Summarize:

To delete lots of unused custom materials at once can be done by writing _Purge into the command line and set materials from “no” to “yes.”

To delete a single custom material. Go to “Materials” by short cut or typing “Materials” in the command line. From here you can either select the material you want to delete and press the “delete” key. Or you can right click the material and select the delete button from the drop down menu. (Note you cannot delete materials from Objects Properties.)