Delete, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v issue

Delete and Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V do not work properly in Grasshopper canvas (using Rhino 6 and Grasshopper 1.0.007).
The mentioned above keys work on “on and off” base. Sometimes restarting rhino and grasshopper does the trick, but lately even that is not fixing the issue. It’s really annoying having to restart the program 6 times or more to get the keys to work.

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I haven’t had this issue in a while, so it’s hard to replicate and test a fix, but I found that something along the lines of this worked:

  • Close Grasshopper window (not unload, just click the x).
  • “Show Desktop” or “Minimise all windows” in windows - the little button next to the date and notification centre on the windows task bar.
  • Select your minimised Rhino from the task bar.
  • Open Grasshopper.
  • Cross fingers and try to write something.

Not sure if that’s the correct order, maybe try it with and without closing GH first.

Thanks…not really an answer I was hoping for, but better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

It is clearly some sort of bug in the code, which grasshopper developers should fix.

same problem here

same problem here
it seems tht the input goes to the rhino prompt insted of the grasshopper env