Deform Circle to "Petal" based on Distance to the Attractor Point

Hi everyone, I was trying to create beautiful patterns. I already have different density of packing circles using Kangaroo. When I pulled those circles to one undulating surface, I found they were deformed to a kind of petal shape, which is interesting to me. However, to get the petal shape by controlling the undulation of the surface is not accurate or intuitive.

My question is: What would be the components/methods/thoughts that can help me control the deformation of the geometry(circle) so that I can arrange the attractor points and the deformation of the circles becomes obvious closing to the center and deformation generally decays?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

You could use Point Deform. (16.6 KB)

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Or, how about Maelstrom for more dynamic effect? (19.6 KB)

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Thank you Kim! That’s what I want: the interesting sun flower effect. I noticed the Point Deform component but failed to match the deform vectors correctly. I will continue to develop based on your script :)) (Maelstrom is too much for me but definitely interesting)