Circle deformation with graph mapper

Hi guys,

This is gonna be a simple one.
I just wanna “deform” a set of circles in one direction.

circle (9.1 KB)
circle deformation.3dm (172.5 KB)

Basically, I want to:

  • select one of the control points of a set of circles (as in the attached gh file),
  • move this selected control points along the x axis
  • recreate the curve with the moved points + the set of three remaining control points
    and most importantly:
  • control the distance of the diplacement with a graph mapper (as on the jpg and in the attached 3dm file)

Can’t figure out how to use the graph mapper though, cos I’m new in Grasshopper.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Did it the fast and dirty way!

circle (15.9 KB)

You can use Point Deform as well.

circle (14.9 KB)