Attractor point influencing offset circle rings

I’m trying to make the offset circles from my definition react to attractor points along a curve spanning out of the center of the circles:

AttractorPoints& (30.1 KB)

I would like them to react a bit like in the definition shared by Michael Pryor:

The attractor point would only react on the curves on the right-hand side of the control point and according to the radius of circle emanating from the control point ( like attractor/repulsors).

Perhaps a diagram will illustrate this better:
circle offsets and attractor points_20181014155033.pdf (217.0 KB)

I really don’t know if this is possible but I’m trying to make it work. If anybody has any idea of how I could start on this it would be a huge help.

Thanks guys!

Michael Pryor also developed Pinch’n’Spreadin his pufferfish Plugin.

AttractorPoints& (12.7 KB)


Thanks for sharing this amazing plugin and for solving my problem