Attractor 3d grid


I have been working on this script for a while now, and got some help thankfully, I am wondering whether it is possible to use an attractor point or attractor point equivalent on a 3D surface? In this example I have created the geometry similar to how I want it, and am now trying to apply an attractor is that something that should have been done a while back? I am trying to create crown-like structures by lofting the crowns to the centroid circles. Any help would be amazing :slight_smile:

crowngh.3dm (752.0 KB) (20.4 KB)

Yes it is possible to apply attractor on 3d shape. Most of the type Point Deform is a good choice. You’ll have to be sure that the transform (a vector) is the same for a same point in space. And variation of the transform must be continuous in space. Yo’ll find many discussions on Point Deform.