Defining Supports in Grasshopper for STRAND7

Hi, I created a workflow to generate a parametric truss to be linked to STRAND7. However, the supports I created using “ggSTR7CreateOrFindNode” does not get transferred to STRAND7. I attached the workflow here for information. Any solution? Thx.

Hi, can you post the grasshopper file as an upload to this post so I can review properly?
Image looks fine. Are you running a recent version of the ggRhinoStrand7 plugin and which version of Strand7 are you importing into?



Hi Jon,

I even have the support issue with SAP.

I attached the grasshopper files here for your review.



01-SAP-Model-Staged Construction (35.5 KB) (29.5 KB)

Let’s start with strand7, I’ve attached an image and the text data I generate from the plugin.
If you open your generated txt file in a text editor, do you find the text NdFreedom 1 7 0 DY DZ RX RZ ? Can you please send to me the txt file you generate?

230320 bake strand7.txt (1.9 KB)

For SAP, all degrees of freedom are not constrained.
Try this version of the script to see restraint. Let me know if doesn’t help.

01-SAP-Model-Staged Construction (40.6 KB)