Weave Pattern Issue

PETALS- NEOM-26.8.2021_FINAL-02.gh (42.1 KB)

Hello All,
I need help with the attached GH Script. I am kind of struggling for a long time now to create Petals like patterns. shown in Image - Weave-01

I have some patterns as shown in the attached Image. ( Weave -2)

I have somehow created Blue line & lofted surface from it. But I am no able to create Yellow lines as shown in the image.

I have attached Grasshopper Script for reference.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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please open your file in Rhino+GH, right click on your Surface parameter (which will be grey), chose “Internalize data” and re-upload the file :slight_smile: otherwise we won’t see any of your geometries

I’m not quite sure if I did what you wanted… But anyways, I would not recommend you to do it that way as it is.
You have to trim your curves in the right places before lofting them at least.

PETALS- NEOM-26.8.2021_FINAL-02_changedbyDfytz1.gh (40.8 KB)

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Hey, Thanks a Lot.

It is definitely helping me a lot to learn the logic you have scripted and is exactly the way I was trying to figure it out.

Thanks a lot

:grinning: :grinning:

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