Default hatch patterns

I would like to use the AddHatchPatterns python method to add a couple of default hatch patterns when my script is ran. Where does the default hatch pattern file reside?

I’m finding that if the script is ran on a file that is imported, the hatch patterns are not present. I could import a template file with the patterns already defined, but I thought it might be more elegant to import the patterns I need from the pattern file.



That would be:


Thanks Mitch.

Strange, I checked a few computers here and we don’t have the hatch pattern file in that location. All we have is colors and printwidths.

I know I created a hatch pattern file for my own custom materials, but I don’t believe I did anything with the default. My custom patten file has a .pat extension, not .txt.


Hmm, you’re right - mine is the only one here that seems to have one, so maybe I put it there a long time ago… Maybe there isn’t one anymore, and the basic patterns are just stored in the template files…? So maybe you’ll need to import them from there…


If I recall correctly, hatchpatterns.txt was a V4 thing. In V5 hatch pattern definitions are a part of the document, so you can import a *.3dm that has those hatch patterns already in it. You used to be able to import a *.pat file, but trying it through Document Properties ->Annotation -> Hatch import doesn’t seem to work anymore.


I wonder if that Python method is redundant now? Now that you mention it, I used my hatch pattern definition file to create templates, and I haven’t used it since.


So I wonder how we go about adding new hatch patterns now?

Actually, I just tried it and it seems to be okay.

Since adding a hatch pattern directly from a “formula” via script doesn’t appear to be exposed in RhinoCommon yet, I guess you could write a temporary .pat file (it’s just simple text) somewhere, import it and then delete the temp file.


Hmm, yeah. It seems to be working in V5, but not in the WIP.