Hatch Patterns aren't remembered

Hello, I downloaded hatchpatterns.rar archive, I import to Rhino through the Options window - everything works. However if I close the program and I open again - hatchpatterns needs to be imported again that to use them. Why the program dumps the loaded patterns?

Well, when you import - as you said via “options” - for hatches, you are not actually in Rhino “Options”, you are in “Document Properties” - they share the same window. Hatch patterns are part of the document, not globally installed as options in Rhino.

If there are no hatch patterns in a new file when Rhino opens, it imports a small text file file with a few basic patterns here:


So, two ways to always have the hatch patterns you want.

  1. Store them in your template file(s). Open a blank template file, import the hatch patterns, then save the file as the same template. Every time you open a new file based on this template, the hatches will be there.

  2. Save a copy of your hatchpatterns.txt file somewhere for safekeeping. Then in the original, replace all of the text with contents of your imported .pat file and save. If there are no hatch patterns in the file you open, Rhino will then import those.

HTH, --Mitch

Everything works… Thanks!:smiley:

Where is the hatchpatterns.txt stored for Rhino 6?

I don’t think this exists anymore for V6. The default hatch patterns are now stored directly in the template files. You can of course add any you want and re-save the templates with the hatch patterns in them.

Thank you for the very quick answer.
That’s kind of a pity, so we have to import our own hatch patterns into each template.

Yep. It’s not very complicated, unless you have many, many template files.