Different number of hatch patterns available in different drawings

I was applying a hatch pattern in a drawing and had a lot of patterns to choose from. I opened another drawing, without closing Rhino, and went to apply hatching, but it only shows 9 hatch patterns. How can I make all hatch patterns available in all drawings?

Hello - you can import patterns (.pat files) into your template files - there are a few built in patterns, any more you saw in the first file were added by the user at some point.


Thanks Pascal, where do I find the template files?

It’s odd they would show up in drawing and not the other.

Hatch patterns are stored in your 3dm file.
The initial patterns are created based on the Template file you used when you made the file.
As Pascal says, you can Import hatch patterns from AutoCAD “PAT” files or from other Rhino 3dm files.
Hatch pattern, like Annotation styles and Linetype patterns, need to be loaded into the Rhino 3dm file before you can use them.
Your Template file location can be found in Options > Files

Thanks John :grinning: , importing from the other drawing file was easy!
Love Rhino :heart: