Decrease optimization computation time

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I am trying to use Wallacei x to optimize my project. but the process is only taking 5-10 percent of my CPU, using 1.5 GB of my memory, and nearly nothing from the GPU. I know that grasshopper’s components are single-threaded and I already enabled parallel computing for every component in which the option was available. Is Wallacei x dependent on the components’ computing time or there is a way that I can increase it?

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The time required for any simulation is dependent on the time required for your solution to be computed, a.k.a your way of designing your problem, the components and the entire canvas. If you want to increase the speed, you need to rethink your algorithm before Wallacei

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Thank you for your quick response. I did everything I could to reduce the calculation time. but the good thing about is that I can run other tasks while it’s running.