Optimization Crashes

I am facing a problem with wallacei optimization. It keeps not responding during optimization.
First, I am optimizing 5 objects using LB tools & grasshopper components, and I tried to exclude the solar radiation analysis from the study. I also minimized the number of genoms as much as possible, but it keeps not responding. even with population size 250
Second, when i tested excluding the FAR, it worked with population size 250 but I couldn’t show the phenotypes from the “Decode Phenotype” to meshes
In general, I need to optimize the five objectives but I don’t know where is the problem

Attached the .gh file and EPW file


I ran your file from my end. Everything looks okay here and the simulation is running. But as you can see the time required for each solution is quite high, it is 45 seconds on my machine. This might be even longer in yours. If you do not see anything it is due to the speed of the simulation, it takes a long time to finish it.

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It can’t pass this solutions for almost an hour ?