Decals in vray


When I apply a "planar(UV) type mapping coordinates to an object and I want a single tile on a vray textured material (so I unselect “tile” in the vray material texture dialog) , the object renders ok in Vray but the viewport still displays as tiled.
The only way around that I found is to unselect the “plugin” option for the material in Rhino, and go to the equivalent rhino material properties that is automatically created, go to the texture properties and select “decal”. Then I can switch back to “plugin” material and it displays properly.
But sadly, the next time I load the file the tiling is back.

I’m I missing somethings or this is a bug that needs fixing … ?
Vray uses the mapping coordinate features of Rhino so I’m not sure who’s responsible to fix the problem … (862.0 KB)

This has been resolved. The folks at Chaosgroup listened and the problem has been fixed.