Decals in V-ray for Rhino

How should I add a Decal using V-ray for Rhino ?

By applying a material with the decal image on a surface just the size of the decal. This surface should be offset a little bit from the main surface.

GREAT !! Thank you very much

You could also uncheck tile option in Vray texture editor. Last time I used that it didn’t work on Rhino viewport but worked on Vray rendering.

Here a simple surface, rendered in Rhino (UV widget visible) and rendered in Vray.

OK . I will try it. Thank you very much !!

GREAT FORUM !!! Isn’t it ?

So the surfaces are doubled? It´s sort of bugging me because, depending on the offset you could get some sort of “shadow” cast on the underlaying surface.
If I´m not wrong, on 3ds max if you chose a *.png with transparencies, the transparent had the effect of using the base diffuse of the material and not the texture… this I find more intuitive.

I didn’t use Vray for some years. I have now the V3.6, I just tested decals and it seems to work well.

There is also a tile option in U and V with an offset in U

here the default color

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It’s the same with V-Ray for Rhino, you use a layer with transparency on top of your base material. Youcan have a different UV mapping channel.

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Thanks! Will try it

+1 for multiple mapping channels, you can then use V-Ray Blend material to mix both the base surface and a decal.

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How to add multiple decals in same surface? I tried to make different planar but vray is taking old planar and not the new one.

You edited the image files and the changes are not visible? Also at the Rhino rendered viewport? Maybe _RefreshAllTextures helps.