Decals are not exporting with VRML, OBJ

New user to Rhino - I am using it primarily to apply colors to models in preparation for 3D printing. My printing software requires VRML files. In the past I have used and exported textures successfully, but my latest project included a lot of images/decals.

I used the decal function to apply the images to my model. But when I export in VRML or OBJ the decals are not present. Is this a supported feature? Am I possibly missing a step?

Hello - you may want to try the Bake to get all the textures and decals in one bitmap. However, just testing here, it seems the new bit map is incorrectly mapped back to the object, I’m still investigating that…


Once the polysurface is Baked the decal does pass through to the VRML file but, as you said, it is not remapped to the body correctly…

I’ve the exact same problem here.