Turn off repeat within material editor

OK, add a decal and the Bake it.

[So I’ve worked out I need to use a decal but how can I export that as a texture/graphic with an obj?]

OK, I give in! How do I turn off repeat pattern within the material or texture mapping panel?!

I just want a single small icon on a surface but when I scale it down it just repeats.

I never use this part of the program, usually… I’ve checked the help file but I can’t see where the tick box is or whatever is required to turn it off.



Hi Andy - Bake seems to get the decal - did that not work?


Hi Pascal,

Yeah, this is all new to me, I’ve never used this part of Rhino really it’s all done in Keyshot.

It works if you: Unwrap, apply the decal, Bake and then open the UV editor and apply. Without applying it the export is squiffy.

Thanks for your help


Hi Andy - admittedly I am testing a very simple case, a box with a checker texture decal, but once the decal is applied and I Bake, the decal is removed and the object gets a uv texture map from the baked image- so far this looks correct, no UV unwrapping involved.Custom mapping is removed and the result of any textures that were on the original matrial are baked as well as the decal into the new UV texture…


Yeah, that’s the case in Rhino but if you send it over to keyshot without first opening and applying the mapping it comes in all over the place.



Baked, opened and applied via UV editor:

I don’t know what it is, it’s not a problem for me but there’s something going on there.


I think it’s probably because I’m using something that I’d already unwrapped…

I’ll try it again when I make the other parts.

(the rectangle with cheese isn’t it! That’s just a cheesy example)