"Dayglo" colours

I’m trying to reproduce a ‘fluorescent’ orange colour, and I can’t decide if there is really something different about such paints that I should use some specific features to get a realistic effect or if it’s just a colour…?

This is an interesting question Jim. At a guess, I would try disabling diffuse lighting in a basic material or making a blend between two basics where one doesn’t allow diffuse lighting. Then it’s just color and blend tweaks based on the lighting.

So I don’t know if there is anything really different about dayglo paint colors but Mitch looked it up and will tell us more in the future below.

By the way, that dress is totally blue and black.

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IIRC, “Dayglo” also transform incident UV into visible, so they look brighter, as there is more visible light output than normal (UV+visible --> visible)



That’s what I keep telling people…

Yeah, right! Next thing you will be saying is that my face is blue! :grinning:

Dan (from the white and gold camp)