CyclesForRhino plug-in will be bundled with the next public Rhino WIP


I have been unable to run the Cycles Render Engine (as an alternative default renderer) in the last few weeks… So I downloaded the latest version on github. When re-running Rhino WIP (Rhino 6 SR0 2017-5-23 (Rhino WIP, 6.0.17143.8371), I get the following error:

“Cycles for Rhino is too old, get a newer version from

The link sends me:
CyclesForRhino plug-in will be bundled with the next public Rhino WIP.

So, do I understand correctly that the Cycles Render Engine will be provided as a WIP feature in the next release (without requiring a separate module install) ? Any idea when ?

Btw – Not sure if it is my lack of understanding, but I find it sometimes difficult in the posts differentiate if one is referring to the Raytracing Display Mode (based on Cycles) or to the Render Command which integrates Cycles Render Engine. Perhaps this would profit from aggreeing on a terminology for referring to one or the other.


You probably will find that the Cycles For Rhino plug-in isn’t yet enabled, so you’ll have to go into the Tools > Options > Plug-ins dialog, and enable the Cycles For Rhino plug-in.

Both Raytraced (display mode) and Cycles for Rhino (the Render command) use exactly the same Cycles Render Engine. The difference is that Raytraced allows for interactive, real-time rendering. Cycles For Rhino is the modal renderer, some people would call it production renderer.

But again, both are the same engine.

I hope that clarifies your confusion.



Raytraced display mode works fine, but render command render just grey image.

Ugh, I created this YT item to track the progress. Thanks for reminding.

Upshot of having Cycles For Rhino bundled with the WIP is that I know have to pay more attention to the modal renderer :slight_smile:


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Why aren’t the two just called Cycles Interactive and Cycles? Raytraced and Cycles for Rhino both do not make an awful lot of sense.


Because in the end, “Cycles for Rhino” will not be called that. It will be called “RhinoRender”. Just not in this release cycle…(s)

  • Andy
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i had such high hopes this morning, because i thought i could finally be us cycles as in normal render mode again.
but no :sob:
like @FOI

but on the other hand there is one huge improvement in usability. changing the color of a material in raytraced mode was freezing rhino and made it practically impossible to use. now that is solved. great!

I am currently actively working on getting this to work again.

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when cycles is integrated nicely, the move to replace the old rhino-renderer with cycles makes absolute sense i think, good news.

Okay, RhinoRender really sounds much better than Cycles.

I realise that I might be the odd one out here, but if the render engine IS Cycles, shouldn’t it be called Cycles (to avoid confusion and ensure proper reference/credit)? My point of reference here would be something like when Mental Ray was added to 3ds Max and Maya. It would strike me as odd to refer to Mental Ray as 3dsMaxRender or MayaRender depending on its host platform. Don’t mean to criticise, just some thought from the other side of the coin.

also true.

but then the “Raytarced” display mode should be called “Cycles RT”, so the normal/production renderer could keep its name “Cycles” and it would still make sense.

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+1 RhinoCycles or Cycles4Rhino (for _render)

Indeed, that’s also much how VRay (and I think Mental Day these days) is implemented in its host software packages.

RH-39564 is fixed in the latest WIP

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