Cycles won't render fbx files loses texture mapping completely

I discovered this last night if I import an fbx file it displays in the rendered viewport with textures and also renders if I use the regular rhino renderer but when I choose raytraced mode and use cycles, cylces renders but drops all the textures.
Also I noticed that no material comes up for the imported fbx file when I click on it’s material in properties. Don’t know if it should just wondering what was happening

I just made a test:

  • create sphere in Blender
  • uvmap sphere
  • create a material with texture
  • export to fbx
  • import in Rhino 6
  • switch view to Raytraced

Works fine here:

If you have a simple FBX that has a problem for you please share it here, along with a screenshot of what the imported object is supposed to look like. Don’t forget to share any textures the file references.

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for taking a look, here is what I am getting.
Cycles losses textures on my models. Rhino doesn’t show any textures in the material editor you can see that in the screen shot. I can send you the file privately I can’t post it here since it’s for a project.
Maybe it’s something simple I am missing but it seems like they should work. Incidentally I also found the reverse not on fbx files but in regular rhino where the rhino render losses mapping but cycles renders properly I’ll post that in another thread.


That looks like vertex colors. To do that with Raytraced you need to add a vertex color material. If you can’t find the Cycles Vertex Color material from the list you need to run once the command TestShowPrivateContent.


Add the material and assign it to your object. Any better now?

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the work around but why are you hiding this in a test command? There is no way for any user to discover this unless they look at this thread. Also why are you hiding those other material types?
This is not a great work around as it requires one to go into every fbx object and assign this texture. Way too much clickery isn’t computing supposed to make our lives easier, I suggest a global switch in cycles somewhere to auto render vertex materials. In max and I think in even in blender you don’t have to do this, I hope for v7 you can make this automatic.
Thanks for your help I know it’s hard getting this all together.

Because these materials have been slapped together quickly, haven’t been tested much. They’re there to help in cases like yours. The general rule is that you use actual textures, not vertex colors.

In Blender you have to also actually tell in your shader to use vertex colors, it isn’t anything automatic.