Material library for cycles?


most of the materials from here:
C:\Users\Charles\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Localization\de-DE\Render Content
do not work in cycles.

Is there a library we can use especially for cycles?


There is no Raytraced-specific library yet. But I do intend to have one created specifically for this engine.

That said most rhino materials should work. I haven’t tried the materials from this folder, but I’ll make an effort when I’m ready with the new material conversions based on Cycles Disney BSDF implementation.


They should work. What’s going wrong?

  • Andy

Hi Andy,

most materials just do nothing.
Only some very basic materials (e.g. Plastic) do work.
See also in the materials panel.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to do with Cycles.
When trying to use Rhino Renderer, this comes up:

Why are the files not on the local disk?


Are you on a computer that’s not on the internet?

The texture files are meant to be downloaded on demand.

Of course not.
I’m online.

When I put the link to the file in the browser, the image shows up.

Really? What is it good for?
Means one can’t work without internet connection?

I’d prefer a local library.

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Any idea why this doesn’t work in here?
Or an other way to be able to use the materials?