Cycles render speed in Rhino vs in Blender

@jesterking why is rendering in Rhino so much slower than the rendering in Blender? I just found out today that the Rhino render when put to raytraced mode, in Blender I can rotate the model and (though noisy) it stays visible, while in Rhino I get a black screen for a couple of seconds before I get to see the scene.
I’m testing this on a i9 MacBook Pro 16" using CPU rendering, see info below

sysinfo.txt (11.1 KB)

Make sure you set viewport responsiveness to more responsive for better action. And if you decrease sharpness in the viewport you’ll get a bit more speed.

Other than that there are many reasons for it, mostly technical.

In Rhino 8 with Cycles X this can be better. There are changes in Cycles X that will make integration into Rhino much better, let alone the performance improvements in Cycles alone, that will bring in the speed in the viewport we’re looking for.

ah OK, good to know that it isn’t something I can influence then,

tried those already but it was not that much better. And then the render result becomes blurry.