Cycles, render all materials white

While setting up a scene…

How can we quickly switch all object to plain white?
In order to use the white material for rendering with Cycles.

And toggle the assigned material on again afterwards?

Create a copy of arctic and set its display pipeline to realtime cycles. Then just switch to that mode.

Good idea.
Not exactly what was wanted, when I do this the lighting is as in Arctic.

I do it slightly different.
Copy of Raytraced, and change this:

You brought me on the right track, thanks.

That is indeed the correct way to go :slight_smile:

Here a version based on Arctic, but with scene lighting:

Arctict Raytraced Scene Lighting.ini (11.7 KB)

The advantage of using Arctic as the base display mode is that you still get transparent materials. See the dial display on this espresso machine:

Note that this will still have color on the lights, so a green light will color your scene green.

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That is exactly what’s wanted, thank you.
Rhino should be shipped with this mode.